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  • Privacy and aggremments
  • Welcome our dear client to the system of recruitment applications submission and its follow-up concerning you, we are honoured to be with us and we are pleased to use our techniques to facilitate the matters of review and applications submission for you... For the work to go well, we ask you our dear client to kindly agree to these conditions, which will ensure us and you the proper functioning and quality of the work.

    1. You have to enter all the correct information.
    2. Commit to putting a follow-up email so that we can email you, and please put the correct ID number so that the system can link your requests.
    3. Please enter a valid mobile number.
    4. When you apply, we will first contact you by mobile or otherwise so that we can complete your information and the necessary procedures.
    5. Your presence in the office is necessary or on your behalf so that we can complete the signing of contracts.
    6. The site management has the right to cancel or reject any request without giving any reason.
    7. Pending requests are practically unimplemented and remain pending until administrators take action.
    8. Unfinished applications are unpaid applications and therefore no securities have been received.
    9. The customer is obliged to commit to all outstanding payments.
    10. You may edit your pending requests.
    11. You cannot modify any request that has been approved by the Managers, which are placed only under (My Requests) and not under (Pending Requests).
    12. If you refrain from one of the approved applications within (My Requests), you may have to pay a certain amount of money.